Renting Movies and Digital Books at a Public Library

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If you enjoy watching movies at home on your DVD player, Blu-ray player or in your laptop, it is highly recommended that you consider renting movies from your public library. Your public library is guaranteed to have a large number of movie selections from which to choose from, including movies from all categories and genres from action, romance, adventure, thriller, comedies and documentaries. Due to the various ways of watching a film, almost all public libraries offer various movie formats such as DVD, VHS and Blue-ray, thereby giving individuals the chance of not missing a movie if they do not possess the currently available players.

Digital books have revolutionized the level at which people now read books on their personal tablet computers or e-readers such as the iPad and the Amazon Kindle, respectively. Libraries all across the United States have seen this emerging trend from people preferring digital books over regular books and have therefore started to provide digital books in the form of archived computerized files that can be easily transferred to an e-reader or tablet computer capable of storing hundreds or even thousands of books within a single unit.

There exists a positive and strong correlation between people who like movies and liking digital books as well, this is especially true within the young generation that have grown up with the advantage of the internet and other sources of technology throughout their childhood and teenage years. However, renting movies and digital books from your public library is a service that can apply to anyone who wishes to enjoy this great advantage and it is important to consider that the service is not only limited to young people or people who were born in the last two decades, anyone can take advantage of this service offered by public libraries in a very effective manner.

One of the greatest advantages of renting movies or digital books is convenience. Many people take for granted the ability to have a public library that offers movies and digital books rentals for free or for a very low cost; libraries usually do not charge anything for providing this service but in rare instances they do require some form of payment for the rental or if you do not return the movie on time on its due date, this same scenario applies to digital books.

Apart from having this level of convenience available at your disposition, another great advantage of renting movies and digital books from the library is the complete reduction or eventual elimination of having to pay or being charged to rent both forms of media. Many people find it more feasible and cost effective to rent movies for free from their public libraries instead of paying a monthly subscription for movie rentals with companies such as Netflix. Many of these companies have risen in popularity due to their large inventories but have failed at reducing their costs available to customers around the United States. A monthly subscription to Netflix or any other similar movie rental service can be as high as $20 per month, with other premium services that add up to this monthly charge. With the advantage of renting movies from your local library, you are effectively eliminating this charge by getting your rentals for free and obtaining the same selection of movies or even a better selection at your public library. This procedure is a no-brainer if you enjoy watching movies and effectively do so with a high level of convenience and for free.

Digital books, on the other hand, work the same way as movie rentals from your public library. You can feel free to visit any public library around your local area in order to find the best available digital books for free. You just have to bring your e-reader, Amazon Kindle or your tablet and let the librarian do all the work for you, which consists only in connecting your device to their database of digital books and transferring the rentals of your choice to your device. It is highly recommended to also use Bluetooth technology, which is also provided by the majority of computers and databases available at your public library.

Most digital books available for sale on the internet range in price from $0.99 up to more than $29 for each download. If you are an avid reader that enjoys digital books, you might find that this hobby can add up in cost in the long run, especially when new releases are launched into the market. By just waiting a few weeks or months for each release to be available in your public library, you will find be able to save hundreds or possible even thousands of dollars from the purchase of your digital books throughout an entire year. Some libraries even offer the convenience to alert you whenever your desired book becomes available and put you on a waiting list so that you will be one eligible to receive it on a first-come first-serve basis.

Stop neglecting the advantages of your public library and constantly taking for granted all the available resources at your disposition. Visit your public library’s website in order to find their catalog of digital books and movies available for rent. You will be more than surprised to find what you are looking for in a matter of seconds through the online catalog and the best of everything is that the rentals can be completely free in the majority of cases. Do not miss your chance in acquiring the best digital books of your choice and start enjoying movies from the comfort of your home, consider also registering a card with your name so that you can effectively request as many rentals as you can, participate in library events and take full advantage of all the available resources that your public library has to offer you. Public libraries are funded by your local taxes, so why not take advantage of the benefits that your taxes that you are already paying?

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